When Fleeing Terrorist Attacks or War Zones Where Do You Go

Terrorism, although deadly, is not quite as devastating as war. Most countries
in the world have been living through decades of peace. While the Middle East
has constantly been at odds for years, as for wars, it is something that only
happens in history books as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

War can occur at any time and however, that’s the truth of the matter.
Political changes can trigger a chain of events that can quickly escalate
into war. After the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in 1993, the US declared
war on Iraq. That’s how fast war can occur.

While the attacks were committed by a handful of terrorists, the entire country
of Iraq was submerged into warfare. In the same vein, acts committed by
individuals can bring countries to the brink of war… and it can happen fast.
You must be ready.

The principles are mostly always the same regardless if it’s a war or
invading terrorist elements. The invaders will try to take control or
destroy any key installations.

To make an example and strike fear, people may be killed to gain control of
an area. Much effort will be spent on roadblocks and attempts to make the
conquered area an impenetrable and inescapable fortress. It’s for this reason,
you need to be sharp and know when to leave the area and what to do. The wrong
moves or waiting too long will get you captured or killed. So, you must have
your wits about you and make correct decisions.

* Where to avoid
Avoid cities and urban areas. These are the first places that soldiers or
terrorists will try to gain control of because of the amount of human traffic.
You want to take shelter in rural areas that are far away from the city. This
will buy you some time to plan your next course of action. The key point is to
get as far away from the areas of conflict.

* Immediate evacuation
If you have been preparing for such an event, you’ll know where to go and have
contingency plans to follow. Immediately evacuate your house and take what you
need and go. Authorities and law enforcement can not be depended upon to take
control of the situation so do not wait for them. You’re responsible for your
own safety.

* Another country? Another state?
Where you decide to go is important too. If you have the means to escape to
another country, do it. If you can only go to the next state, that will be fine
too. Your first priority is to get away from the terrorists or war as soon as
possible. If the entire country is under attack, the airports may be closed,
and all planes may be grounded. Now you’ll need to resort to another course
of action.

* Make it difficult
Finding an inaccessible or difficult area to reach if you cannot escape the
state or country is your best bet. Camping out in the mountains will make it
a chore for terrorists and soldiers to get to you. The same applies to
bugging out in the wilderness surrounded by trees and foliage. It will be
uncomfortable for you…and you can bet that military troops and terrorists
will be less likely to comb through these areas looking for stragglers and
people hiding out. Your survival skills for the wilderness surviving will
need to be on point and you should have all the necessary equipment with you
to survive. An experienced survivalist will be able to survive in the wild
for months without worry.

* Be ready
This is probably the most important point. No matter what disaster strikes,
being prepared will give you an edge. Being prepared means having a car that
has a full tank of gas at all times.
It means being firearm trained and having your own weapons. It means having
your bug out bags ready and everything else you need ready to go at a
moment’s notice.
It means having a plan and a backup plan for the first plan should things go
sideways. Of course, you’ll need to have the skills to back you up too. As
you can see, there is some work involved. So, be prepared and be ready.