Survive a Cold Blizzard with These Tips

Blizzards can be depressing. There is no way around it. The cold gets all
the way into your bones. Over and above that, you’ll probably be stuck at
home for days. You’ll need to shovel your driveway, ‘winterize’ your
vehicle and take other measures to get by.

It may all seem like a hassle to go about these tasks while your teeth
chatter. There is a silver lining to these dark ‘blizzardy’ clouds – your
survival during these times is mostly within your control.

Unlike wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. which are devastating and
highly unpredictable, during a blizzard, you’ll probably be hunkered down
at home. The roads may be blocked or too icy to travel on. Most malls may
be closed… but if you have been a good prepper, you’d have prepared for
such an event.

Having sufficient food supplies to last you 2 or 3 months will ensure that
you easily weather the blizzard without going hungry. If you’ve stored
water, even if the extreme cold freezes the water mains, you’ll still have
water to drink.

Hypothermia can be prevented if you have enough thermal wear for you and
your family. To survive a blizzard requires 4 crucial components.
1. Food
2. Water
3. Heat – thermal wear, fuel for a heater, etc.
4. Entertainment – books, games, etc.

The entertainment component may seem frivolous, but when you’re cooped up
at home for days on end, and the power goes out rendering your TV useless,
having some good books to read and a few games to play will help to
relieve the mind-numbing boredom.

Keep a portable transistor radio (powered by batteries) in your house.
Even if all the power goes out, you’ll be able to listen to weather updates
and have an idea of what the situation is like.

You should have a few essential items in your garage or at home to deal
with some of the problems blizzards. You’ll need a snowblower or a shovel
to clear your driveway. A handheld blowtorch to cut frozen locks may come
in useful too.

Keep some rock salt in your garage. You can salt your driveway to prevent
ice from forming.

Have a bag of sand in your vehicle in case you get stuck in the snow and
need some traction to get moving.

Your home needs to be checked to see if it’s ‘leaking’ heat. Fill up any
cracks in the walls and seal any gaps where heat from the home can escape
outside. Use insulating materials to cover your windows. Do whatever you
need to in order to retain heat and warmth in your house.

The best way to survive a blizzard is to stay indoors (at home). If you
must drive outside, make sure to have chains on your tires for extra grip.
Keep your gas tank full and have antifreeze in your trunk.

The worst thing that could happen is you get stuck in your car that’s
trapped outside during a blizzard. Your car battery may die, and you may
need to jumpstart it. So, you’ll need portable equipment in your car for

It’s best to also keep these items in your car – thermal blankets, some
food and water and a flashlight that you could use to signal for help. All
these will help you if you get stuck outside while in your vehicle.

Most preppers will be able to prepare for blizzards if they do what they
need to well in advance. Make a plan and stick to it. Store the food,
water, winter wear and equipment that you’ll need.

“Good luck is a residue of preparation.” – Jack Youngblood