Street Style Self Defense Moves For Women

A quote by a famous karate master, “The real victory of winning a battle is without fighting.”

These are moves you need to know and tips for best ways to prevent from being attacked. Some of
the moves and strategies are for men to know as well. You may know some of them already and I
may have mentioned a few in previous articles!

There really is a way to win without fighting. The best barrier of self defense is to be alert
and prepared. However, the most intricate and deadliest martial arts moves are no good for self
defense if you can’t perform the moves or if it takes years of practice to perfect the moves.

There are some moves out there for self defense that are easy to learn and intuitive to use. The
best way to prevent an attack in the first place, however, is to always be armed with some type
of non-lethal self defense product, know how to use it and have it ready to use when you are in
vulnerable situations.

For example, if leaving some place late at night to go to your car, have pepper spray on a key
chain and in your hand ready to use before you walk out the door. If you are carrying a stun
gun, the same applies. Recently a lady I know was leaving the mall late at night. She noticed
as she walked to her car that a young suspicious looking guy was following her. She changed
directions to make sure she was not just imaging this. He continued to follow her. She fortunately
had her pretender cell phone stun gun in her hand. She mashed the stun gun button and just the
sound of the stun gun going off made the young man turn and flee. She never had to even come
close to a physical struggle.

However, if you are ever in a situation where physical contact is unavoidable, the following
“streetwise” moves are effective for any woman to use to fight off an attacker long enough to free
herself and run.

1. The Eye Gouge
Most women fear doing this move as it seems gruesome. It is hard to think about sticking a thumb
into the eye of someone. Quite often women will scratch their attackers face but will not gouge
the eyes. Scratching their face will only increase their anger and does not stop the attack. To
be successful in freeing yourself from an attack using the “eye gouge”, you need to sink your
thumb all the way up to your knuckle in the inside corner of the eye, rupturing the eye ball then
dragging the thumb, knuckle deep, all the way across to the opposite corner. A kubaton, kept on a
key chain can be used more successfully than a thumb. The kubaton is an ancient self defense item,
now made of metal instead of wood, which can be used for gouging the eye. The heart attack, used
like a kubation, is a small, rigid plastic heart shaped key ring holder with a sharp point on the
end. Place the heart attack between your fingers and you will be ready to punch your attacker in the eye.

2. The Ear Slap
I mentioned this in an earlier article. This move is only effective if your arms are free. For example,
if an attacker has you in a bear hug under your arms either from the front or from behind, cup your
hands and slap the attacker’s ears. It is important to make sure your hands are cupped and fingers
are held tight together so when you give a hard slap to one or both ears, a vacuum is created and
the ear drum is ruptured. This causes excruciating pain and allowing you to become free long enough
to escape. Best yet is to have pepper spray or a stun gun in your hand and ready to use.

3. Pepper Spray and Stun Gun
If using pepper spray, spray the attacker in the face, close your eyes to protect yourself as you spray.
There is no way an attacker can hold on to you if sprayed with pepper spray. He immediately will be
temporarily blinded and double over in an uncontrollable coughing fit. It may take an attacker up to 30
minutes to recover. If you are carrying a stun gun, have it in your hand and ready to use. Stun the
assailant on the neck for best results. Keep stunning until he is on the ground. The stun gun will cause
temporary loss of use of muscles allowing you time to flee for help before he can respond.

4. The Ball Buster
We are all familiar with this move and so are men. You may find it difficult to perform unless you
catch the attacker off guard. The ball buster of course, is hitting a testicle with the knee, foot
or fist. Once again, using a self defense product can stop the attacker before having to use this
move which may not be effective but only agitate the attacker even more.

5. The Throat
It is important to remember that using a forceful blow against the throat can kill. However, if your
life is endangered, the most important thing to remember is to do whatever it takes to stop your
attacker. A strong strike to the windpipe can collapse the wind pipe and suffocate the attacker.
Holding a kubaton in the fist can stabilize your fist and create a more powerful strike. The forearm,
the elbow or the edge of the hand can also be used. Also, hitting an attacker on either side of the
neck forcefully can damage the nerves running along side of the neck and cause serious life threatening

6. The Lower Leg
Using your lower leg, use the edge of your foot to forcefully rub down the shin of the attacker
or stomp on his foot where the ankle meets the foot. This may cause the attacker enough pain to
loosen his grip and give you time to run. Which ever you use, you must use enough force to create
pain severe enough for the attacker to be distracted and loosen his grip. It is important to
remember that these moves take little time to recover from so it is important to flee quickly and
not try to stay around and continue fighting; that is unless you have a black belt.
(Since I don’t, and I don’t want to trust my own strength and ability to run fast, I always carry
a self defense product).

All of these moves are important for women to know. It is important to protect yourself in any way
possible, especially if you feel your life to be in danger. Research shows that a victim has less
than a 50% chance of survival if an attacker is able to abduct them and take them to a different
location. Use self defense products to prevent having a physical confrontation in the first place
and giving you enough time to escape and get help. Fight back, empower yourself to be safe, wise
and protected.

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