Setting up a Shipping Container Survival Home – Part 3

How to Acquire the the Required Shipping Containers

Obviously, you can’t run up to your local home improvement store and order however
many shipping containers you’d like to have. Though they are plentiful, you have to
know where you can get them.

You can expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars or less for the container that
you want to buy. Don’t spend more than that because the going rate for containers
is between $1,000 and $2,000 – depending on the size of the container you want.

But another thing that can affect the cost is whether or not the container is
refurbished or insulated. Some companies will charge more for high cube containers –
but not all of them will.

Buying the biggest container at a decent price will allow you to save money to be
able to customize your purchase. Make sure that you look for places that sell after
market containers.

This means the container is no longer used for the company’s shipping purposes and
has been retired. Many of these containers will have been in use about ten years.

Shipping companies have limits and regulations they have to follow for pulling
containers out of service but these containers are still viable home options for
savvy buyers.

Some containers are offered at great prices at auction sites, both local and online.
You can bid on the containers as they come available. Some trucking companies have
containers they will sell.

Pay attention to certain code words that are used. For example, “one-trip” means the
container was used to make a trip to another country. Sometimes, these containers are
not reused for other purposes but sometimes they are.

The containers should indicate they are “cargo worthy” or words like such. It’s in
your best interest to closely inspect the container before buying or have it inspected.
While some dents are normal in shipping containers, large dents can indicate that the
container experienced damage that may impact its support capability if the dents are
in the corners where the support structures are.

You can find the containers at local container companies in your area by simply doing
a search online. Put in the phrase “shipping container sales” or “buy a shipping

If you want to be specific for your area, then type in your city and state. But what
you want to look for are companies that offer delivery and set up. If you don’t go
with a company that also offers delivery and set up for an additional portion of the
selling price, then what ends up happening is you’ll have to pay extra to a third

This is because you’ll have to have the forklift on your property that’s strong enough
to handle retrieving the container from the bed of the truck and has the ability to
situate the container where you want it to go.

You have to have the area already prepared before you have the container delivered.
The area should be flat and stable to support the container. Or, if you plan to bury
it underground, then you need to have the hole dug out and prepped beforehand.

What You Can and Can’t Do With a Shipping Container Home

Using a shipping container home is a wise investment, but there are some limitations
to using these homes. Some buyers think that a container home means that nothing can
destroy the home or cause it to be damaged and this isn’t true.

There are some things that are not safe to do with a container home unless you take a
few extra steps to make sure it’s safe first. Some preppers believe that it’s okay to
bury a container home under the ground to keep it safe from nuclear fallout, invaders
and other issues.

But burying a container home is unsafe because it can cause the container walls as
well as the roof to cave inward. This happens because the container is built to
withstand a certain amount of pressure.

When you bury a container, the pressure limits are exceeded by the force of the earth
around it as well as the force on top of it. If you feel you absolutely have to bury
the shipping container, then you have to take steps to keep the collapse from happening.

This includes steps like building concrete barriers on the sides of the container to
keep the pressure off the walls. The weight must be supported on the roof as well.

You’d have to retrofit the container so that the weight of the soil was kept off the
roof of it. A shipping container home can be used to grow a garden right on the roof
of it.

This serves a few different purposes. One, it helps to make the container blend in with
its surroundings. Two, having a garden on top can be a source of sustainable food if
you choose to have that over a flower garden and three, covering the container from
the impact of direct sunlight can help create a way to keep the container cooler in
the summer.

It can also keep the container warmer in the winter. Some people use the top of their
container to create a small covered patio area where they can entertain and barbecue
with friends or sit on chairs to enjoy the outdoors. Others simply plant grass seed
to make it look like the container is part of the area.

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