Setting up a Shipping Container Survival Home – Part 2

Why Do Preppers Love This Option?

There are several good reasons that preppers choose shipping containers more
often as a survival home option. These containers are plentiful. You can literally
find them everywhere.

They’re in every state, every country and you’ll find hundreds of businesses that
have shipping containers available for purchase. These kind of homes are a better
choice for the environment because re-purposed steel containers are kept out of
the landfills or aren’t left empty and abandoned in some vacant lot for years.

As far as housing options go, a shipping container purchase is a good financial
move as they are inexpensive to buy and they also good for the environment.

You can purchase ten containers for far less money than you would have to shell
out to give as a down payment on a traditional home. And with a shipping container,
you’re not dealing with a mortgage payment for the next thirty years.

These containers are built to last and they have reinforced ends on either side.
That reinforcement gives them the ability to be stacked and fitted together on
top of each other with good support.

That means you can use them to build a two story or taller home if you choose to.
The support of a steel container is better than what’s offered in a traditional home.

There are plenty of bonuses from using a container home because some of the common
issues that come along with living in a wood home, you don’t have to deal with in
a container home.

If you get water damage in a home that uses wood materials, you end up with mold
issues, including the highly dangerous black mold. But with steel containers, mold
is never a problem because mold can’t grow in or on steel.

Another plus is that unlike a regular home, these containers are fire proof. Steel
doesn’t catch fire like wood homes do. So your family is safer living in a steel
home instead of a bug out cabin.

Pests can be a big problem for people who have their homes built from materials that
are currently available. Termites can work to destroy a home and are often not seen
until the damage is substantial.

In some cases, a home isn’t livable after termites have caused extensive structural
damage. But those who live in a container home don’t have to worry about termites
and their destructive habits because termites can’t destroy steel.

Preppers also prefer shipping containers as survival homes because they can easily
be hidden from view with foliage, trees and other natural coverings. This helps
protect your family against would-be thieves and people who might want to harm your
family or your property or steal your supplies.

Designing a Shipping Container Home for Your Needs

All shipping container survival homes won’t look alike despite their outward
appearance. These homes can be designed around whatever needs you plan to have them

Some people opt for very simple and basic furnishings. They make only enough changes
in the container to make it livable. Others prefer to make more drastic changes and
outfit the container so that it looks more like a luxury home than a container.

Whatever your needs, you can create a container to match it. Since these come in
small or large sizes, you can choose the size according to how big of a space you
want to live in.

For some people a small space works well. They’re able to live very simply and keep
everything running smoothly in a smaller area. Others, however, either need a larger
space due to their family size or they prefer to have a roomier place to live.

The sizes of these containers can range from six feet to 45 feet. The smaller the
container, the less width you’ll have. For example, a twenty foot container would
give you just over 2,400 width space.

All of the containers can be left as an open floor plan or the sections can be
divided into rooms according to need or privacy. You can take a forty-five foot
container and have enough space to make two or three bedrooms, a living room,
kitchen and bathroom and each room would be spacious.

The containers are low maintenance shelters, which leaves buyers with more freedom
to make changes. The containers can be wired for electricity or they can be fitted
with solar panels.

The walls can be left in their natural state or they can be covered by drywall or
panelling. The ceilings can be changed, skylights can be added and so can windows
and doors.

You can even have sliding glass doors installed. You do have to use materials that
are specifically designed to fit with steel containers since fitting them with doors
and windows have different requirements than a wood home does.

Any amenity that you have in a home, you can have with a steel container. That
includes a fireplace if you want one. Heating, cooling and plumbing can be done just
like you’d see in a regular home.

Or, you can use other means such as passive cooling and composting toilets if you
want to stick with environment friendly options. The good news is that a shipping
container is so easily retrofitted, you can do most of the changes you want done
yourself without having to hire help.

Similarly, I will do anything and everything to protect my family
and I sure hope you have similar values.

Next week will be the 3rd and final part of this report. Please share, and keep
returning for further informative reports and reviews. Thank you!



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