Setting Up a Shipping Container Survival Home – Part 1

Your home is the hub of your family life. It’s where you can gain a respite
from anything that’s going on. You can relax, spend time with the people you
love and be secure from harm and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to
have this safe haven.

When you look around you at the homes already in existence, you can see a
myriad of problems that the owners deal with. Not only that, but the homes
manufactured aren’t always made with materials that can stand the test of
time let alone be sturdy enough to act as a survival home.

Knowing this, many people decided to look for other housing options for their
living needs. There’s a simple, affordable option that can protect you and
your loved ones quite well; shipping containers!

What Is a Shipping Container Survival Home?

People wanting to make sure they have a sturdy home in the event of a survival
situation aren’t the only ones buying and setting up container homes. Because
they’re easier to put in place and can be turned into homes that are functional
and beautiful, builders, architects on the cutting edge of design and some of
the grid home buyers are searching for these containers to use.

Shipping containers are in demand for use as survival homes and it has to do
with their reputation as being almost indestructible. These homes are made out
of square or rectangle shipping containers.

Since the containers are made of steel, they’re extremely durable. They’re
strong enough to handle the rigors of long distance shipping, even from country
to country.

They can handle travel by cargo ship, by truck over the road and by train. They
can be lifted by forklift high into the air and settled on land or moved from
one point to another without it affecting the structure of the container.

You can’t do that with a regular home because they’re not made to withstand the
kind of treatment a container can take. These containers are also built to
withstand long periods of storage when they’re not being used for any purpose.

They can be used repeatedly regardless of whatever was in them prior to purchase.
These containers can also be used in any climate because they’re resistant to
what would normally wear out regular home building materials that are built in
harsher areas.

Like other survival homes, these are meant to be used as either short term bug
out retreats or long term survival homes. They can be used as bug-out shelters
or made into a permanent home that can withstand the fallout from a collapsing
economic or society.

It all depends on how the container is set up. They can be left in their natural
state which means they actually look like a shipping container to anyone looking
at them or they can be retrofitted to look like a modern home.

How this turns out depends on the purpose of the container and the amount of
money and effort the buyer is willing to put into outfitting the container for
use. These survival homes can offer a lot of amenities quickly and cheaply.

While you might think of these containers as simply a means to survive, many of
these can be turned into homes that are actually more beautiful, eye-catching,
and comfortable than the high-end homes you see available on the market today.
A container survival home can have anything and everything that you would put in
a regular home.

The following book is one you should be interested in: Shipping Container Home Made Easy

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