Overcoming Boredom When You are In Home-Isolation

The author, Leo Tolstoy, once said, “Boredom is the desire for desires.” Never
has that quote held truer than now when so many countries are going into
lockdown and governments are telling people to self-isolate to curb the spread
of COVID-19.

There’s no denying that self-isolation is the best way to prevent yourself
from getting infected and it puts a brake on the spread of the disease. If
everyone self-isolated for a month, the spread of COVID-19 would come to an
abrupt halt.

Of course, this scenario is impossible to achieve, but it highlights just how
powerful self-isolation is. The downside to this is that now you’re stuck at
home and you’re bored. You feel like the pandemic has cramped your cool
lifestyle. Introverts may find no change to their already quiet lives but even
they may feel a little rebellious since they’re being told to stay inside.
It’s human nature.

There are several things you can do at home.

* Start on projects that take a while to complete
Go ahead and get a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Now you and your family have
something to spend hours figuring out. There’s even one that has 18,000 pieces.
Imagine that!

Alternatively, you may decide to start writing the book that you’ve always
dreamed of writing. Or maybe you’ve wanted to learn oil painting. Or start
improving your guitar playing skills. There’s so much you can do and now is
as good a time as any to start. Even start learning a new language.

* Exercise
This activity is crucial. Remember how you used to say, “But I just don’t
have the time to go to the gym.” Well, guess what? You have all the time in
the world now to work out at home. Most gyms are closed these days. So,
start training.

* Spend time with your family
So often we are caught between juggling our careers and families. With more
time at home now, you can actually catch up with your spouse and kids. Engage
in fun activities like board games or video games. A family that plays
together stays together.

* Plan your next vacation
Yes, you may not be able to go anywhere now… but things will get better. The
good news is that you can experience the same excitement by planning your
future trip now. Where will you go? What will you do/see? Where will you stay?
So many questions… and your family and you can spend time together finding
the answers. Once you know how it’s all going to go, it’s just a matter of
waiting until the COVID-19 situation has run its course and subsided for you
to set off on your dream holiday.

* Social media
Social media is a double-edged sword. While it can help you pass the time,
it’s also filled with drama and debate which can put a dampener on your spirits.
Use social media for entertainment and AVOID getting into debates at all cost.
Ideally, spend no more than 15-minutes on social media at any one time. This
will prevent you from falling down a rabbit hole of vitriol and pointless
arguments with insane people online, or getting addicted to the platform itself.

* Netflix and chill
What better way to spend time with your spouse/partner than to cuddle up in
front of the TV and binge-watch the latest TV shows… and if the show is boring,
you can always ‘chill’.

Some married couples have not chilled for so long that they’ve become virgins
again. This home-isolation period can put the passion back in your relationship
if you will let it.

At the end of the day, as long as you find activities to engage in, you’ll keep
boredom at bay. You just need to find out what you’re passionate about and pour
your attention there.

Where your attention goes, your energy goes. Keep your activities fun and
productive and you may discover that you’re actually happier now at home. That’s
a good place to be.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep your distance. You’re not infallible just because you’re young!