Families Confronting and Surviving Danger

There are many instances where families face danger as a group. There are
thousands and thousands of home invasions where two or more criminals have
broken into a house and by grabbing the kid and threatening their life,
they’ve managed to get both the parents under their control.

The parents’ panic and fear for their child’s safety will make them slaves
to the criminals’ demands. The bad guys don’t care because they’ve done it
before. The worst part of this scenario – it occurs over 400,000 times a
year in the US alone – and it’s not even during a disaster situation. These
crimes occur during peace time!

Imagine what could happen if there was a breakdown in society and anarchy
prevailed. You need to be very well-prepared to last the distance. The
example mentioned above has happened countless times before. As scary as it
may seem, this is reality.

* Proper planning
Depending on where you live, you’ll need to prepare for the possible
disasters or emergencies that may affect you. Live near the sea? There might
be a possibility of a tsunami.

Live near an area that used to have earthquakes, and you may encounter
earthquakes again. Hurricanes? Floods? If they’ve happened in your area
before, they could happen again.

No matter where you live, always prepare for human threats. People who may
try to break into your home to rob you, people who may try to kidnap your
child, etc.

Sit down as a family and explain to your children what they need to do.
Rehearse and role play the plans on a regular basis so that they know what
to do. This is one of the best ways to overcome danger.

If the kids are safe, the parents will not be at the mercy of any criminal
elements. Retaliation will almost always be the path to follow.

* Obeying instructions
It goes without saying that during a crisis, kids will need to obey the
parents’ instructions without question. Now is not the time for debate,
tantrums or reasoning. Every second counts. Ensure that your child is
disciplined and obedient when it matters.

* Ganging up
There is strength in numbers. If two criminals break into your house and
you have three teenage children, ganging up on the attackers will increase
your chances of survival.

NEVER allow yourselves to be tied up if possible. There are countless instances where
the victims went and got cable ties for the criminals to tie them up. They
felt helpless and at the criminals’ mercy.

The general reasoning is that if they attack the criminals, they might get
shot and injured. If you paused to think about this for a minute, you’d
realize that if the criminal is willing to shoot you when you fight back,
how much worse is it going to get when you’re tied up and helpless?

Always fight back in the heat of the moment. This is your house. You know
where the items which can be used as weapons are. Use them.

* Firearm training
If you live in a country where people are allowed to have guns, it’s best
that you own one too. When your children are old enough to learn how to
use a firearm, do send them to the range to learn from a professional.

Knowing how to use a firearm is a very useful skill. A 15-year old girl
who is all alone at home will be no match for 3 men who break into the
house late one evening. They’ll overpower her, beat her, rape her and may
even kill her. There’s a very slim chance of her defeating all three of

But put a .38 snub-nosed revolver in her hand and if she has had the
training, the 3 thugs in the house will be at her mercy. A firearm
instantly levels the playing field. Encourage family members to own a
firearm and ensure they each take proper training to learn how to use
one proficiently.

Being a warrior in a garden is better than a gardener in a war.

Self Defence. An eye-opening read.