Discover Why Merely Reacting to Threats May Get You Killed

The title of this article may seem confusing. Why would anyone get
killed reacting to a threat? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

No, it’s not. They keyword is ‘merely’… merely reacting is what most
people do. Reacting without preparation can and probably will get
you killed.

If you were bugging out in the wild and a bear spotted you, running
away would be reacting. The bad news is that the bear makes Usain
Bolt look like a sloth. It will outrun you and tear you apart in

Reacting with preparation, however, will mean that you have a bear
spray ready with you to give you that edge. You’ll know that you
can’t outrun the bear. Studies have shown that the bear spray, when
deployed 1.5 to 4 meters away at a charging bear has been able to
stop the bear in 92% of the cases.

While the bear spray will not kill the bear, it will cause the bear
so much discomfort that it runs off and spares your life. You can
run off now and hide behind a tree and peep at the bear ambling away
while it gives you dirty looks.

This is the difference between being proactive and reactive.

You must do your research and spend time planning out how you’ll
behave in certain likely situations. If someone is about to break
into your house, do you have a shotgun ready?

A shotgun is great because the ratcheting sound a shotgun makes
when it’s being racked is enough to send most wannabe criminals
running for the hills.

If you know how a shotgun works, you’ll understand that even in
the dark, just pointing it in the direction of the threat and
firing can do a lot of damage because of the spray.

You wouldn’t know this if you weren’t prepared for such a threat.
If two criminals are about to break into your house and you’re a
lady, all alone with your two children and not prepared, you’ll
probably react by trying to call the police or taking refuge in
a room and locking the door.

This reacting with no preparation will either lead to your house
being ransacked or you get injured or killed before the police
even arrives.

Hiding under your bed is NOT an option when the threat is at your

A prepper does NOT react. They’re ready. They’re rehearsed and
waiting. A smart prepper will know that the bear spray will work
on the human housebreakers too.

Panic grips most people when faced with a dangerous situation.
This happens even if you’re prepared and it’s normal. You’ll
experience an adrenalin dump and have tunnel vision.

The difference between one who reacts and one who proactively takes
action is that the proactive one is following a set of actions he or
she has rehearsed over and over. They’re working logically even when
the situation is highly dangerous. This logic keeps them safe when
well-executed. They’ll have less panic and know what they’re doing.

Your goal as a prepper is to be rehearsed and ready. Survival is NOT
pretty. You can come under attack from animals and humans alike.
Animals may want to eat you and humans may want to kill you.

It may seem harsh, but that’s why they call it survival. That’s just
how it is. Be ready.

“Never depend on those luck moments – they are gifts – but instead
always build your own back-up plan.” – Bear Grylls, Mud, Sweat
and Tears

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