Hello and Thank You for visiting Preppers For Survival.

My name is Larry Ference and I live in Canada, in the Southern Okanagan part of British Columbia with my lovely wife.

We have 4 beautiful daughters and 5 adult grand kids.

I retired in 2005 from hotel management. As a General Manager, it was my responsibility to ensure the hotels were prepared for any disasters.

The West Coast of B.C. is very vulnerable to earthquakes, consequently we always had to be up on our preparedness for any event.

I started preparing, getting my supplies together, for the house and vehicles years ago.

Even when I drove semis I always carried a “prepared kit” with me concentrating on water and edibles in case of emergencies on the road.

With growing concern as to what is happening in the world; even at home and in the United States, to me it seems it’s time we start preparing, if you haven’t already, for any event or occassion be it earthquake, tornadoes, riots, terrorist attacks or even personal attacks!

I sincerely hope you will peruse my site and consider some options for the your protection and safety.

Once again, thank you for your time and for visiting my site.

~ Larry