4 Survival Tips for Single Mothers

Life can be tough as a single mother. You’ve to be both a father and a mother… and it
can be draining. Working to pay the bills and make ends meet may be a struggle if your
salary is low.

Over and above that, finding time to spend with your children will always be difficult
because you need to balance your work with your chores at home. It’s tough… but here’s
the truth…
It gets TOUGHER during a survival situation. If there’s a blizzard approaching, you
may be forced to huddle at home with your children for days. If your budget was tight,
you may not have enough food supplies stored.

During a natural disaster when law enforcement has its hands full, criminals may decide
to break into your home and take what you’ve got. They may decide to do worse.

Are you prepared?
Most single mothers aren’t. They don’t have the means to prepare and they rely on
prayers to keep them safe. In this article, we’ll look at a few things that you need
to do to be safe.

* Awareness
For starters, you must know where you stand and how prepared you are. Start saving small
sums of money every month. It could just be a few dollars that you use to buy a packet
of crackers that you keep in your cupboard. It’s the action that matters.

Over time, you’d have built up a cupboard with enough food to last you a month. If the
food is dry, canned and has a distant expiry date, you’re fine. Keep track of the
expiration dates of the food.

Consume food that is close to expiring. By doing this, you’ll not have spent money on
meals for that day. You can buy the same food and stock it again.

Always seek to improve yourself so that you earn more. Having money is a crucial part
of surviving well. If your children are old enough to get a part-time job, ask them to
get one. The additional income will help all of you and the job will keep them out
of trouble.

* Lethal weapons
Save up until you can afford to buy a firearm. This will be one of the BEST investments
that you could make. As a woman, defending yourself against male attackers will be even
more difficult.

If you’re outside and it’s just one man about to assault you, pepper spray or a stun
gun will work. These non-lethal weapons can be effective… BUT… if there’s a home
invasion, and there are 2 or more criminals, pepper spray will not help. A firearm will
save your life and send the criminals scrambling. If you’re on a tight budget, you’re
better off buying the firearm instead of non-lethal weapons. You can use the gun
whether you’re alone outside or at home.

* Trusted circle
Try and build a support network. It could be just one friend or a few neighbors whom
you trust. If your house gets flooded, you could seek temporary shelter with your kids
at a friend’s place.

If you’re in trouble, your kids will be able to run to a trusted neighbor for help. As
a single mother, having a support network will help you greatly in times of need. No
woman is an island.

Follow these tips and slowly but surely progress towards a prepared life. Crisis
can strike at any time and proper preparation will ensure that you and your
children survive whatever comes your way.